Acidphobia Grips Dublin

A Chinese woman in her early 30’s was attacked, dragged into a laneway and had acid poured onto her face last Friday night in the Blackrock area of South Dublin.

Her attacker, who has not been identified except for being described as “heavy set”, is still on the loose and the guards have appealed for information.

The woman, who is expected to lose her sight as a result of the attack, will now spend the rest of her life with these horrific injuries. This crime, is truly the work of a sick and perverse individual.

Locals of the area described it as a very worrying development, and we’re concerned about the very unique nature of the attack involving acid.


The questions on everyone’s mind of course hovers around the identity of this attacker, specifically his ethnicity.

This type of disgusting attack is unheard of in Irish society and something we are all more familiar with hearing about from other more sandy parts of the world.

Is this to be a new reality for Dublin now? Are the people of Dublin, like the people of London, expected to “get used to it” as “part and parcel of living in a big city”?

Is this the environment we want for our wives, girlfriends, daughters and sisters to live in? A silly ban on the sale of acid isn’t going to solve this. That’s nothing but tokenism.

Questions must be asked by the guards to ascertain what the true root of this issue is. Either an imported element in society, or a maybe a copycat influenced by all the rich diverse multiculturalism we are seeing in our liberal capital.

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