African Youth Gangs Terrorizing Dublin 15 Communities

African gangs targeting Irish communities? Who would have thought such a thing even plausible just twenty years ago, but such phenomena are becoming the norm both in Ireland and across Europe, wherever societies have committed themselves to the EU’s Coudenhove-Kalergi inspired population replacement experiment and indulged themselves in the dangerous cocktail of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism, I might add, a warped ideology that has proven itself in nothing but failure; here even condemned by a trio of its most staunch proponents over the past decade: Nicholas Sarcozy¬†, Angela Merkel , David Cameron. Yet in Ireland, full steam ahead we propel ourselves into the depths of multicultural despair, not learning a thing from the many failed examples around Europe where this unnatural and unethical ideology has its roots a few decades longer, and is setting the stage for a Balkanization of Western Europe in its entirety.

This migrant violence has most recently culminated itself in a serious battering given to two youths at the Gormanston railway station in county Meath, where the assailants were described as ”both black and white” by eyewitness accounts and the Gardai. This gang boarded a train at Balbriggan (another black spot) and got off at Gormanston to dish out some violence of the multi-cult variety. The youths responsible for this were taken in for questioning and left on their way as usual.

Residents in Tyrrelstown have for years been plagued by similar issues, with reports of harassment and assaults ranging from beatings, assaults and even stabbings meted out to both adults and children alike, not excluding pensioners and delivery drivers who seem to be a focal point of their intimidation and violence. One man wrote about how he was collecting his young three year old son from creche when a gang of twelve black youths set upon him and his child after he told them to move on from a pedestrian crossing they were obstructing where they then spat in the window of his car at his child. A seventy year old woman was allegedly a victim of the same gang who rammed into her with a bike and hit her over the head only for her to fall and rupture her kneecaps. In other reports  last year a grandfather was allegedly knocked unconscious in an unprovoked attack from behind. There are literally hundreds of eyewitness accounts of such incidents and they are speaking out across social media in a desperate attempt to get to the bottom of this and have something done about it, with more recent incidents in Balbriggan making the news also. There are multiple neighborhood watch community groups springing up in an attempt to stem some of this hooliganism and banditry.

The ethnicity of the assailants and bandits has for the most part been concealed by a politically-correct, muzzled Irish mainstream establishment media along with the authorities themselves, but they are being forced to acknowledge some of these uncomfortable facts of late due to the true nature of such incidents spreading like wildfire across social media. With a rising tide of migrant induced crime across Europe, Irish people have every reason to be worried.

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  • February 9, 2018 at 16:17

    Could you link to the hundreds of eyewitness accounts on social media. Thanks!


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