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The Identitarian movement has been gathering momentum in the US with the emergence of the Alt Right but also in Europe with Generation Identitaire.

Each of these has in their own way set out with the intention of protecting their homelands against the ever growing onslaught of anti-European multiculturalism, but also the preservation and regeneration of their national traditions and values.

The European response to the Leftist attack on Western Civilisation appears to be a lot more organised and coordinated however, with specific and official National branches opening up across Europe, each complete with local leadership structures and a solid marketing strategy designed to not follow their US counterparts into old school right wing territory. Not that that will stop leftists labeling them as such, but we’re used to that at this stage.

Altview Ireland recently discussed a number of issues with the leader of Generation Identity Ireland & Northern Ireland, Damhnait McKenna, with the intention of clearing up any questions you may have about the movement or the branch here.

The following Q&A is the result of that conversation:

Hi Damhnait, it’s great to get this opportunity to talk to you. Let’s start with the basics. Can you explain what does GI stand for? And do you see any significance in that choice of a name?

Of course, Generation Identity (in some countries running as “Identitarian Movement“), is a Europe-wide patriotic movement that promotes the values of our homelands, freedom and tradition through peaceful activism, political education, and community & cultural activities.

We want to create an awareness for a patriotic value base in the meta-political realm.

We get a lot of accusations from the left about being fascists, Nazi’s and so on. Is your experience similar, and what is your opinion on that?

The left will do their utmost to shut down free public debate. So they use terms such as ‘Nazi’, ‘fascist’, ‘bigot’ in an attempt to silence opposing views and ideas as they have no argument.

Generation Identity is not an old-right wing movement, nor is it national socialist or fascist as some detractors lazily label us. We are Identitarian and believe in our homeland, our people and our culture.

We are a non-violent movement that aims to highlight the need for open and honest public debate about immigration policies, identity and the future of our island and of Europe.

The left therefore label anyone right of Jeremy Corbyn as far right. They describe us with the usual slanderous terms they appropriate for everyone on the right. Yet they know little if anything of our manifesto. So if you dare to question Islamist Extremism or immigration policies they do everything in their power to shut you up. They love diversity of skin colour but not diversity of thought.

Our stance on immigration isn’t focused on any one source or group. We address all immigration. But we do realise that the ideology of Islam possesses the greatest threat to our identity.

We respect the right through the principle of ethno-pluralism that people in Islamic countries have a right to preserve their own culture in their own homeland. At the same time we have to recognise that in European countries it gives rise to an uncompromising and dominating sub culture.

Can you explain the term “The Great Replacement”?

The term “The Great Replacement” describes the process by which the indigenous European population is replaced by non-European migrants. We are facing a demographic crisis across Europe through which our peoples are becoming a minority in their own countries.

Declining birth rates, the sharp increase of Islamic parallel societies, and mass migration will lead to the almost complete destruction of European societies within just a few decades if no countermeasures are taken.

Multiculturalism’s self-abolition ideology, which dominates a large part of our societies’ political debate, is currently further accelerating this process. It leads to fatal blindness among politicians and the media to future consequences if the current policies of open borders continue to be

Experts predict a migration wave of 10’s of millions of people from Africa and Asia to Europe over the coming decades. With chain migration & family reunification that figure will rise far higher.

We can already predict if current migration trends continue, a process commenced in the post-war years but accelerated in the early 2000s, and the multicultural agenda marches on, European peoples will be a minority in their own countries.

Their homelands, the cities built by their ancestors will no longer be theirs. In many urban areas, the replacement of Europeans is most apparent.

Entire areas of our great historic cities are occupied by Islamic parallel societies. Ethnic, religious and cultural tensions are already hard-wired in our societies through that process. It is therefore all the more important that we, as Irish people and Europeans, replenish the cultural vacuum left behind until now and resolve the demographic crisis in our countries through family-friendly policies.

How is GI finding Ireland in comparison to France of Germany? Operationally. Is it harder or easier to coordinate and recruit here?

Originally 3 women started Generation Identity in Ireland. We grew organically and requested the GI leadership on the continent for permission to be an official branch, which we have now achieved.

GI’s philosophy such as metapolitics, ethno pluralism, together with a pan-european
movement really resonated with us. Recruitment certainly isn’t an issue by any means. We have a difficult time keeping up with it. But on the same notion we are always seeking those who wish to preserve Irish Identity & culture to reach out and contact us to get involved. Anyone can play a part in influencing change and remove the stigma of daring to speak about immigration.

GI has official branches in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Flanders and Ireland. There are unofficial branches in Denmark, Slovenia, and Norway.

And what are the specific challenges here?

There is a lot of naivety and ignorance when it comes to the topic or immigration in Ireland. There is a silent majority of Irish people that believe the Irish immigration policy is flawed when you break it down to the facts. There is a victimhood/white guilt factor that is different than in any other country in Europe. I call it a beta male complex.

There are also those that feel that GI wouldn’t work because it is not a distinctively independent Irish entity in principle. This inability to compromise and work with our fellow Europeans towards a common goal we find extremely counterproductive. But as the American’s say, united we stand or divided we fall.

We are also fighting against an establishment juggernaut that will do anything to silence us. Alliances, the bond through common European heritage, and strategy & philosophy are therefore essential to our existence. Alienating ourselves is suicidal and guarantees catastrophic failure.

Those of us that are enlightened to the outcome of our future if the current policies continue know the consequences of defeat.

Does GI have any plans to start a political party in Ireland or are there any political party’s in Ireland that they would consider supporting?

As a non-party political movement, our central political operation field lies in raising awareness of our positions and their link to our ethno-cultural identity. Thus, we are influencing the existing political discourse, which currently denies, discredits, and in some cases even criminalises the natural affirmation of what is one’s own.

We call for an open debate about the meaning of our own ethno-cultural identity in the 21st century that is free of any ideological and universalistic bias.

Aside from that, we also follow real political developments with a critical view – the unrestrained mass migration, the loss of our own territorial integrity by the opening of the state borders, the resulting loss of internal security, and the dominant spread of Islamic parallel societies – for which we aim to raise awareness through activism, campaigns and educational work.

We see ourselves as agents for shaping public opinion and we counterpose the general left-leaning trend in our societies with a patriotic alternative.

  • On Identity Ireland

We all remember Identity Ireland. They where the first to put their neck out there. Peter O’Loughlin had to give up his personal security and livelihood to do what others hadn’t the gumption to do. He has been through far too much, just for voicing his opinion regardless if you agree with him or not. They were the first to dare to share a counter argument to the left. And he was persecuted and violently attacked for it. It’s a pity that this happened in democratic society. I don’t agree with everything they say but there is plenty we do agree on.

  • On The National Party

Justin Barrett has quite some inspirational speeches. But I believe personally for them to achieve electoral success they must compromise some of their stances on such issues as sexual orientation. They have little if any support from women.

I personally tried to attend one of their events and was snubbed. It probably didn’t help that I was a woman. And I can assure you I despise the current feminist movement.

Is such political change possible? The issue seems to be deeply entrenched. Almost generational.

We believe that political change is not only possible in the parliaments and party politics, but also in cultural activities, public debates, the media and on the streets. We therefore act in a kind of “pre-political space” which determines discourse and thus serves as the basis for direct and concrete political decisions.

We want to influence public opinion in a peaceful and democratic way and thus serve as an impetus for the electoral decisions, political awareness and the activity of the people.

What is GI’s position on the 6 counties and should an Irish Identitarian Movement not encompass the 32 as one?

We are neutral on the question of independence for Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland but individual members and supporters have different views on these matters.

Mass immigration and demographic changes threaten the diverse national and regional identities throughout our islands – regardless of how our polities are constituted. We’ve created one organisation on the whole island for geographical organisational reasons. Our goal is for activists to meet and collaborate across the old conflict lines to save what we have in common.

How is that going so far?

We have become very successful with it. We have activists from both the Republican and Loyalist sides in Northern Ireland joining together in GI realising what is at stake.

I myself am from Belfast and we have managed to put aside our differences and respecting each others culture by means of defending them from multiculturalism. We are all European and believe in ethno-pluralism; the right to preserve identity for each and every people and culture, and we clearly reject a qualitative uprooting or depreciation of a particular ethno-cultural community.

We therefore want to preserve the identity of our own people in its distinctiveness as well as all the peoples of the world in their respective uniqueness.

What does GI’s ideal Ireland look like? In other words, how should the Nation look as we cross the finish line that in the struggle we are all involved with?

We believe that every people on this earth is distinguished by its particular diversity and each people always bring something unique concerning way of life, values, culture, origin, religion and social practices.

Every People has the right to preserve and defend those characteristics and features of its ethno-cultural identity that define who they are. It is exactly this preservation that we demand for our own regional, national and European identity.

Ireland and the North should in itself maintain it’s indigenous population as the vast majority and nurture it’s culture and traditions. Patriotism should be encouraged not demonised. Immigration would be small and selective as to attain the brightest minds from abroad that are capable of seamlessly integrating. Irish migrants in America, Australia, and Britain should be encouraged to return to benefit Irish society.

Americans of Irish descent wishing to return to the homeland of their forefathers would no longer be ignored in favour of people from Africa, and Asia (including the Middle East).

We see a lot of secretive money men funding the Leftist agenda, Soros and so on, how and by who is GI funded?

There are patriotic businessmen on the continent who wish to help in any way they can that are able to donate larger sums but remain anonymous. But mostly it is funded by ordinary people that aren’t able to get active or help by any other means. Our most common donation is €10.

Even there, our ability to take donations is a battle as Paypal shut down our account recently.

So instead or in addition to that, many members donate all of their spare time with whichever skillset that is applicable. They have put countless hours into making GI materialise in Ireland.

So is GI independent, or managed by the larger European organisation?

As I have stated above GI in Ireland was started by 3 Irishwomen who had enough of our country selling it’s very soul in the name of multiculturalism. We didn’t have a voice or a method to be heard by the people in power enacting these policies that were and are gutting our cultural identity. We set out to change that.

GI’s philosophy triggered an epiphany for each of us when we encountered it. GI has inspirational leaders such as Martin Sellner daring to stand firm and represent the counterargument against the multicultural, globalist, and politically correct narrative.

They gave us the strategy to combat the multicultural agenda. They have stepped us through the learning process of starting a GI branch. I cannot stress it enough how beneficial it has been to have the resource of contacting our GI rep from the continent for organisational and planned actions advice.

Though their years of successful activism they possess a plethora of information that we seek to tap into. The continentals have learnt that it’s best to let the Irish do it in their own way in retrospect.

What works in Ireland wouldn’t necessarily work or make sense elsewhere. I always have a laugh when a leftist accuses us of being someone from the continent and not even Irish online.

We have formed great friendships with other GI members from across Europe as all are invited to events in Europe. It is incredibly inspiring to meet patriotic Identitarian’s from all over Europe with the same motivations of saving their identity & culture whilst recognising our common European heritage.

Of course, there is a chain of command.

I want to be clear here in order to remove any doubt. GI “actions” in Ireland are created and implemented by Irish GI members. We know best how to reach an audience in our own country. There is no intrusion by GI leadership from elsewhere. They only ask to be kept informed to maintain acceptable content.

What are your thoughts on A fellow grassroots Irish Nationalist Media Movement which has attracted a 6,000 strong very vocal online community within the past 12 months?

I read your posts all the time and agree with your stances the vast majority of the time personally.

I am impressed that you uncover plenty of news that was meant to go under the radar. Ireland was in desperate need of a right leaning publication.

So do please continue!

And finally, what can the ordinary concerned Irish citizen do to help and propel the movement forward if they are interested in getting involved?

First we must state, we are not a book club.

So if you want to just attend meetings creating an echo chamber then we may not be right for you.

But if you would like to engage the public and influence change through a new, more direct form of activism, then please do contact us.

We seek to remove the taboo of open debate about the immigration issue in Ireland by creating actions that make people think. Some amount of courage is required.

You will never be asked to do anything illegal. And we like to use humour and Irish satire to prove a point with our actions.

Generation Identity can be contacted through their website: or their Facebook page @giEIRE

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