Breaking News: Suspected grenade attack at Swedish police station in Malmo

According to latest news reports, an explosion caused by a hand grenade has happened in the culturally enriched Swedish city of Malmo.

It is the latest of a growing number of attacks in Sweden, with a man being killed by a grenade that he picked off the ground only two weeks ago.

Police spokeswoman Anna Goransson was quoted as saying by Aftonbladet: ”“The place is locked off and the bombing group is on its way,”

The alleged attack happened shortly after 9pm local time in the courtyard of the police station.¬†“Fortunately, no people have been injured, but cars, I cannot say how many, have been damaged,”¬†Goransson told reporters.

Authorities have yet to confirm what caused the explosion, but local media are reporting that a hand grenade was used.

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