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In here, don’t do this kinda thing and we’re all cool:

  • Threaten violence towards people or politicians
  • Suggest to others to commit violent or illegal acts
  • Plan illegal activity on this forum
  • Generally anything that would get you arrested or fined in real life
  • Post any personal information about people that would get them killed, beaten up or fired (No doxxing)
  • “Cyber bullying” (If that’s even a thing)
  • Say anything that is against the law to say

We’d prefer not to get sued or locked up for some dumb shit said on a website by somebody we probably don’t know. If your shit gets reported by another member, we will check it and if it’s dodgy delete it and let you know. If you keep it up, we’ll kick you out. Basically, treat us like you’d treat a brother and cover our back. We will in turn then cover yours and keep helping to connect everyone with a righteous mindset that loves their nation and want’s it to be the best it can possibly be.

All types of banter, jokes, slagging, personal abuse and memes are welcome otherwise. We love that shit! 😀

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