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    He’s conservative. He’s straight. He’s white. He’s male. He knows that socialism doesn’t work. Unlike Donald Trump, Cruz doesn’t pander to the rainbow brigade by hold up an LGBT flag. He’s a true conservative. Trump is a great president don’t get me wrong but Ted Cruz will be even better. Cruz has the same “Make America Great Again” agenda but is also a sceptic of the UN. The US as a whole would be better off out of the UN. Cruz wants a fair controlled immigration system so that illegals will not be able to get in to the country. He will also plan to bring businesses to America and plans to have huge restrictions on abortion. On gay marriage, well he believes marriage is between a man and a woman so he thinks gay marriage should be outlawed but he’d never trump on the rights of gay people or women unlike leftists think. Vote for Ted Cruz and not Oprah Winfrey or Kanye West in 2024!

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