Egypt Mosque Bombing – Over 300 Dead

An explosion rocked a mosque in northern Egypt earlier today killing many and wounding many others. As the crowd ran for safety they were then met with a shower of bullets from Islamists arranged outside like a firing squad.

Latest reports estimate over 300 people have been killed and 125 more wounded. The gunmen then continued to fire at ambulances as they arrived to help the dying and wounded.

The attack took place in Rawda, a town in northern Sanai, as villagers attended their weekly worship.

Apparently they were practicing a slightly less correct version of Islam, moderates perhaps, so are considered heretics by the Islamic State, the alleged perpetrators, and therefore deserve to die.

Not Real Islam

This tragic slaughter of locals can be justified according to the established rules of Islam. They had, after all, the audacity to venerate certain individuals in Islamic history as saints, a practice which violates the rules of real Islam where nothing, not even a painting, is allowed to be held in high esteem in any way as it would reduce the worship of Mohammad and Allah.

According to the ideology, the deaths are also the will of Allah as he wouldn’t have allowed it to happen unless it had a purpose.

Great if that’s your thing.

Not really a European value though is it.

Perhaps stricter gun laws could have prevented this awful event today, it seems to be the proposed solution to these kinds of things when they happen here in the west.

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