Huwyte Supremacy & The Edge of Civilisation

“You’re a white supremacist!! Waaahhhhh!!” – Leftists

We’ve all seen some version of this at some stage. Mostly when the homo-fem-left are backed into an intellectual corner and are scrambling for cover by casting the spell of waycism. So let’s address the accusation first.

No, we’re not white supremacists. 

And here’s one minor reason why:

Yes, unfortunately people like that exist, so for anyone to claim that all whites are “superior” would clearly be silly. They are not. Now some individuals are, but to attempt to project an attribute of a group onto an individual, or an individual onto a group, as if that group was homogeneous, is… well… racist.

So we generally avoid that kinda rhetoric, as it’s more of a leftist thing.

Second Reason

Now, with that out of the way, the second main reason we’re not white supremacists is… Hang on, I’m about to quote a man here who likes to have sex with other men, so hold onto your stereotypes:

“Superior or not, White people are MY people!” – Jack Donovan

Translation: We don’t have to be. Family is enough of a reason.

But more so, that statement offers a fairly unique perspective on how we need to start thinking about the brotherhood we absolutely MUST foster in order to avoid becoming an extinct species in the next two centuries. And it deserves analysis.

Leftist Subjectivity

My people is of course something a Leftist might claim to be a relative term, which means it might be difficult to describe precisely what it means depending on the context. They’d claim that it’s up to us to decide – in a way. That it’s up to us to ask, what should it mean?

This of course is not true at all. Not even a little bit.

We all know who it includes, and who it doesn’t. And any inability to define that is irrelevant. There is no scientific categorisation for our friends either, but we each know who they are. And who they are not.

We’ve also never needed, or asked for a definition in order to know it. But that didn’t stop the left trying to force one onto us.

One of their early attempts was to declare Universality, a lie which launched the French revolution. It was there where it was declared that all men were not just equal, but the same. That all were equally as close to us in mind and kind to the extent that we should be able to trust our lives with anyone and that they’d do similar.

I don’t think that’s a possibility outside of the imagination of stoned hippies and expensive NGO marketing campaigns to be honest. I mean, I know a few guys that I’d really trust my life with, and that’s it. Maybe 4 or 5 at the most. Maybe 3 in reality.

I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, or if it should be 7 or 10, or 25, but what I do know is that trusting zero people is really bad, and trusting everyone is really naive and probably a very dangerous thing to do.

The next attempt was called Communism, and we all know how that worked out…

Natural Instinct

The reality is your instinct makes it easy to figure this out and you’ll most likely include “My family” or “My family and friends” or something similar as your Your People. It’s rarely ever going to be “My work colleagues”, “My customers”, or “My local TD”, so you can see that there is a spectrum of importance here. A spectrum that has an edge, and it’s more like a cliff than a gradual slope.

And no, the people in the comments seconds of any of the Altview FB pages don’t qualify either. At least not yet 😉

Off Spectrum

The Leftist My People list, which allegedly encompasses all of humanity, is mind blowingly ridiculous if you actually think about it. Just as we can’t visualise all of the individual fish in the sea, we kinda just visualise a fog of everyone outside of the immediately identifiable circle we really know and care about when we try to imagine “humanity” as a whole. Go ahead, try it.

So claiming to care about EVERYONE is nothing but a big fat virtue signaling lie. To claim that as a basis for any philosophy or policy is therefore a lie also.

Edges of Civilisation

To go back to the guts of the Leftist argument though, there is a certain truth to the idea the the group you identify as strictly Your people could and would most likely not exist as they do now if they were the only people on the planet. They are a segment of an ecosystem, not an isolated atomised silo.

There are supporting structures and synergies branching out and crisscrossing everyone’s lives inside your circle, to the extent that each is supported by layers of activity and social connection we can’t even imagine. So we can’t really just say to hell with everyone else and cut them off.

Well, maybe we can, but that’s another days conversation.


We know in our hearts that this extreme Leftist version of reality is untrue, so the question really should be rephrased to: Where could My People end, the group remain viable and it still feel real to our minds?

The answer to that is probably, if we are to examine history and even the political organisational patterns of humanity, a series of circles.

  1. Family
  2. Tribe
  3. Nation
  4. Civilisation

Outside that, you’d find yourself pretty much excluded from the groups and social structures that matter. Especially WHEN it matters. So knowing who and who isn’t in either of those circles is insanely important.

Because when shit hits the fan, that’s when you really experience the Edge of Civilisation.

“Never rely on the kindness of strangers” – Warren Buffet

You probably already knew most of this. At least in some way. But it’s often important to articulate it and read it from someone else. If even just so you know you’re not the only one thinking this way.


Thede: From Middle English thede, from Old English þēod (nation, people, tribe, race), from Proto-Germanic *þeudō (people, nation), from Proto-Indo-European *tewtéh₂ (people)Norwegian tjod (people, nation), Icelandic þjóð (people, nation), Gallic teuta (people), Old Irish túath (tribe, people, tribal territory), Welsh tud (region, country, people), Breton tud (people), Cornish tus(people), Baltic tauta (tribe, people).


So get to know your Thede. Make the effort and sacrifices required to build up each layer until it’s robust and solid. Until you know it can take the pressure of a challenge to its foundation.

Know the edge of the Family circle.

Know who and what your Tribe is.

Know what and who your Nation is.

We’re approaching the Edge of Civilisation right now, or more accurately, it is approaching us. We’re going to need one another.

If that’s still “white supremacy”, then so be it.

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