The Lies, Sophistry & Spells Of The Left

Jonathan Bowden once suggested, in a shrewd observation, that Political Correctness could be viewed as a type of grammar.

Political Correctness… what a lie. That old Russian Bolshevist premise that there is a way of correct speaking for an entire society. Sanctioned by the state acting as some arbiter of truth. The idea that any truth can be found through the exclusion of ideas and the softening of rhetoric at all is absurd however. That the correct words and sentences are somehow combinations to locks inside another persons mind and that once spoken, everyone will suddenly agree and we’ll have peace and harmony.

All you need to do after all, according to these purveyors of magic, is “cast a spell”. Once you get the combination right, magically everyone does what you want.

As if the human mind is somehow mechanical and mystical all at the same time.

This of course, we all know well, is not in any way true, as no matter how close to absolute truth they get, facts that go against the established narrative bounce off the thick outer layers of leftist skull like a ball in a squash court.

Is it any wonder then that witches were and are so associated with the feminine? Not all feminine as a women in tune with the vibrant rich true feminine is a thing of beauty. More specifically, the corrupt, shadowy feminine, of which Leftism, Marxism and all of it’s putrid ideologies are a toxic product of.

This ancient neurological infection that we now associate with leftists and “modernism” (where words and accusations are used as weapons and literalism is used to deconstruct principles) can be traced all the way back to the Sophists in Ancient Greece, whom which Plato described in his dialogues as the merchants of fallacious reasoning, intellectual charlatanism and moral unscrupulousness. It also can be traced to Carthage, a city founded by Queen Dido of the Semitic, Phoenician, merchant empire who’s chief deity was the Moon Goddess Tanit. Yeah, the moon… familiar eh? But this was a city where children were tossed live into the white hot cast iron statue of Hammon/Moloch, husband of Tanit, and God of… well… death, fire and child sacrifice.

It can also be traced to the Cathars who held the belief that the physical body was essentially toxic and reincarnation a step on the road to perfection. This rendered things like gender and familial ties to be fluid. These unimportant distractions had to be overcome as temptations of the flesh in order to become perfect and worthy of escaping reincarnation. The words “Kill them all, and let God sort them out” were uttered by Arnoud Amelric as he gave the order to his army to take the city and leave not one of these proto-marxists alive to spread their ideology any further..

These days the witches are not so spiritual like the Cathars. The Romans and the laws they gave to Europe made the ritual slaughter of children a thing of the past, at least on this side of the birth canal, when they destroyed Carthage. The battle is still being fought to defend them before that point however, and will for a number of years.

The commonality that exists across all versions of this death virus however, one that hasn’t been eradicated yet, is the attempts to manipulation language in order to twist reality.

Casting Spells

The master spell cast, the one found at the heart of the current incarnation (post modernism and/or deconstructionism), is nothing new. It’s not unique nor is it innovative. It is the stolen and perverse retelling of something already known. Like everything else from that end of the woods.

The specific list of ingredients in this poison potion are that as our perception of objective reality is based on our senses, which are by any measure limited, it can only ever be a theory.

So therefore what is objectively and absolutely true? And therefore, why can’t anything and everything be changed?

This untangling of common sense is then used to call into question ideas that have been around for a very long time. Used to deconstruct what we have, as a civilisation, considered absolute truths for centuries if not longer, and which form the foundation stones of our societies.

Some of these are:

  • That life itself has inherent value.
  • That truth can actually be found.
  • That marriage and children as a life choice is a virtuous path.
  • That marriage is between men and women.
  • That gender is natural and built in.

And so on.

Without these what is a society? Or even a family? How would either function without these? The short answer is that the societies that have attempted to form without these, never got past their infancy and are no longer around. A society cannot work without these basic rules.

The spell these witches wish to cast using this potion is that, because the past was primarily a time where men built the world, specifically European men, all worldviews were therefore formed through their eyes and to suit them. You know, these… men… the privileged ones…

12 years old and working in a coal mine = White Privilege

The Patriarchy

With that monopoly on perception, there is said to be held a certain level of power. And with this power, there is oppression. There has to be right? What else could it be.

And where there is oppression, there are surely, the oppressed? Right?

Line up, take a ticket. Oppression compensation claims this way.

That list of considered truths above are then twisted into tools of oppression. That, as unfounded theories on how to live, what was once considered moral, is now immoral.

  • That life itself has inherent value, became oppression of women through the restriction of abortion.
  • That truth can actually be found, became oppression of all other religions.
  • That marriage and children as a life choice is virtuous, became oppression of sexual freedom.
  • That marriage is between men and women, became oppression of homosexuals.
  • That gender is natural and built in, became oppression of children.

The rabbit hole goes all the way down folks. Right all the way to hell.

The Dark Ages

Nobody really ever talks about the end of the Ancient Greeks. The proper Ancient Greeks, and how that in 1,200 B.C an entire civilsation ripped itself apart and 300 years of nihilistic barbarism followed where writing itself was lost.

Another dark age existed in Europe around the same time. The Celtic empire was immense, stretching all the way from Ireland and Scotland and from central Anatolia to southern Spain. There was no writing allowed there, a rule made and enforced by the druids, essentially pagan animists. Witches and Warlocks in other words who controlled the population through ignorance and mysticism.

Another occurred within Christianity many centuries ago when the enlightenment declared absolute truth (God) to be dead, leaving us with nothing but a corrupt and rotting husk which now does little more than relay the spells of the witches through endorsement of mass immigration, homosexuality, individualism as a highest ideal.


Familiarise yourself with the spells in order to avoid their effects. But also arm yourself with the antidotes.

Starting with the initial premise, because you should always attack the root, the one that states reality can’t be absolute due to our tools of measurement being imperfect.

Sure, ok. I actually agree that this could be the case. Let’s roll with that as an idea.

But then we can’t ignore the fact that math is subjective also, right? Numbers don’t exist anywhere except in the human imagination after all. There is no number 3 or 5 or 70, except that we say there is. Should we therefore not only abandon all engineering and science in that case, but destroy all of the bridges, dams, electricity and water purification plants, cars, phones and other achievements made through their use as tools?

Surely the fruits of the untrue are themselves lies?

Just as the fruit of our truths, or morality – modern society, are all lies according to these witches, and must be deconstructed in order to free the oppressed. Surely all should be subject to this? Otherwise it would leave someone somewhere in power over another no?

A Lost War

Sure, we could do that all day, but let’s stop for a moment. What happened to the Greeks. They, were smart guys, but they probably won the battle of wits and lost the war. This is because there is no line the witches on the left will not cross, no lowest depth to their depravity and immorality.

Like with the Carthagians and Cathars, and the Bolshevists, they abhor life and crave death. A war isn’t something they’d avoid in any way if it ultimately meant victory.

So we’re probably fighting a lost war. They have plenty of experience at winning against our steadfast adherence to truth, honour and virtue. All empires in history have already fallen to them into periods of darkness and decay, with humanity pulled out of the pits of hell by strong men who refused to die.

But why wait for that descent into nihilistic misery? Why give them a single drop of what they crave? Why give them a single inch of ground?

So Where To?

We’ve already influenced the media in this country. The Journal, for example, is no longer a leftist cesspool of anti white male propaganda. We all done that, together. The RTE contents section on FB is ours and the Independent and Irish times are slowly becoming dominated by truthful men who have decided enough is enough and put themselves out there on the side of the good.

The Warlocks scatter quite quickly when we show up shining the light of truth towards them and dispelling their lies, the Witches run away cackling soon after.

But that’s not enough. Facebook is only a channel towards something. The media is a tributary upstream from something that controls the reality of our lives more than anything else right now.

That something, is politics.

All of our collective work to unclasp this iron grip of degeneracy will get there sooner or later. And when that happens, expect a crackdown.

Because the state is firmly under the spell.

And its minions must eventually be faced head on.

So Why Wait?

Why not start challenging them now? Why not use Facebook to destroy their ideologies the same way we’ve shifted the focus of some of the media. By questioning the lies and speaking the truth. By challenging them head on with facts and reality, their biggest enemy.

And then, why not start challenging them for their job?

Carl Jung once said: “Men don’t have ideas, ideas have men!”. And then asked: “And which ideas have you?”

If you want an idea here’s one: Get into local politics and let’s start taking over.

If you are waiting for a call to arms then this is it. If you were waiting for a disaster to happen to get into politics to fix it then the time is now.

There is no need to aim too high. 500 closely coordinated councillors at grassroots level is more powerful than 5 isolated TD’s when the real fight starts.

So get up.

It’s time to go to work!

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