‘Ming’ Flanagan’s Attempt at Ridiculing Someone Questioning Mass Immigration Backfires Spectacularly

This one slipped under the radar for many, but back in October Irish left-wing politician, Member of European Parliament and all-around eccentric, Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan, got an innocuous question on his public facebook page relating to George Soros, mass immigration and undermining of nation states including Hungary (who as we all know is taking a lead in resisting the globalist menace) and the tearing down of their age old cultural fabric.

Thinking he was clever, he put the gentleman on blast with a screenshot of this interaction up on his public figure facebook page (which currently has 61,000+ followers), where in his response to the gentleman he appeared to taunt the man’s ancestry in relation to his claims concerning immigration, in a personal attack, by posting a screencap of a google search on the origins of the man’s surname. Unbeknownst to ‘Ming’, however, he had misinterpreted the little passage he got off of Google, which indicated to him the man’s surname in gaelic was of ‘foreign’ origin as it was partly derived from the word ‘black’ (which he seemingly ascribed to African). The name in question is however of Celtic origin.

Thinking he had rebutted the man’s claims in an heroic leftist social justice fashion and ‘put him in his place’ with ‘we’re a nation of immigrants’ bolloxology, ‘Ming’ then took to facebook to gloat and bask in the anticipated virtue-signalling points, where he then was, unexpected to him, earnestly torn a new one by an incensed public, who had taken umbrage with both his attempt to belittle the man on a personal level over genuine everyday-person’s concerns, publicly, and under falsified circumstances via misinterpretation of the gaelic form of the man’s surname. Which rather than ‘black’ in a racial sense, ‘Dubh’ would translate more as ‘dark tempered’. The gaelic term for a dark skinned man in the racial sense would be ‘fear gorm’.

‘Ming’, backpeddled fast however due to this public backlash, insisting it was all but a joke and he was ‘well aware’ of the true meaning behind the gaelic and that he’d knowingly taken it out of context to prove a point (yeah right!). After all of this, he still did not address the man’s original concerns, or the dozens of people in the comments who reiterated it, stating only when pressed further ‘I have no time for either Soros or Orban’.

Something tells me it’ll be the last time ‘Ming’ jumps the gun in such a way for a good while.

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One thought on “‘Ming’ Flanagan’s Attempt at Ridiculing Someone Questioning Mass Immigration Backfires Spectacularly

  • December 10, 2017 at 04:18

    What an absolute turkey


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