Parents4Choice Hijack Christmas To Promote Abortion Agenda

Parents4Choice, the pro abortion of Irish children group, have launched a campaign to promote their death cult’s next attack on civilisation to run along side Advent this Christmas season. Their four-week campaign, funnily enough, aims to disrupt the event which itself marks an end to King Herod’s slaughtering of children. Coincidence? Or another error on their part?

The first shot fired in this attack on tradition was to suggest that the Virgin Mary herself should have had an abortion. The campaigns opening announcement on Facebook reads:

“Today, on the 1st December, we begin our Advent for Choice Calendar. Here you will meet some of the “wonderful” pro-choice parents that make up Parents for Choice in Pregnancy and Childbirth. We will be sharing a photo every day for the next 24 days, along with a few words about our journeys and why we are pro-choice. Keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and please share!”

The Post, also included a testimony from “Sue” about how she “endured 22 years of single parenthood in Ireland” included a photo of her with her Non-Aborted Sons, and a caption about how “She is now, and forever will be number one.”

Soros Abortion Cash

The campaign was launched on Facebook and Twitter as they burn through that Soros cash like a California wildfire started by an illegal immigrant burns through houses. One post from the campaign by “Erika”, a mother of two Non-Aborted Daughters, recalls the horror of the X case 25 years ago which has haunted her ever since. At 14 she was traumatised by the idea that if she became pregnant, at 14, she would have been “forced” to not kill the child she was pregnant with.

There was kickback of course from right thinking folks who called out the obvious lack of tact and vile level of immorality within the campaign.

Campaign of Death

Make no mistake folks, this campaign is just getting started. They are well funded, supported by the Zukk man and all his Zukk bots trawling through the web to delete your voice, and enabled by the limp wristed rainbow flag waving government that aims to do nothing but extract salaries and fat pensions from this nation.

“The State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.” – The 8th Amendment of The Irish Constitution

This Constitution and Amendment was not written by cowards. It was written by men and women with the courage to stand up to the leftist witches that seek to disintegrate the republic one piece at a time. It must therefore be defended by Men and Women with the courage to hold the line in the face of this horde of death merchants.

Contact your local politicians and let them know they will lose votes for their support of this referendum and gain them if they stand opposed to it.

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One thought on “Parents4Choice Hijack Christmas To Promote Abortion Agenda

  • December 16, 2017 at 12:45

    I felt sick when I came across this today. It’s truly vile and disgusting.


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