Solidarity/PBP Care More About Marxism and Palestine Flag Than Irish Tricolour

The spotlight has been on Solidarity/People Before Profit councillor Matthew Waine this week due to remarks he made about the Irish flag being flown from County Hall; that the tricolour should be removed and replaced with a socialist/marxist flag complete with hammer and sickle or an LGBT flag – his reasoning being some non-Irish nationals might be or already are offended with our national flag. He is reportedly one of the longest serving members on Fingal County Council and it is amazing we are only now getting wind of some of the insane politically correct and marxist notions going through this man’s head.

You might remember a few months back when Dublin City councillors had a vote on whether to fly the Palestinian flag from City Hall as some kind of gesture of solidarity with the Palestinian people. The motion was proposed by left-wing People Before Profit councillor John Lyons. The motion was passed overwhelmingly by over a two thirds majority of 42 to 11 with seven abstentions, with Fianna Fail and Fine Gael voting against under the reasoning the Israeli flag should be flown alongside the Palestinian flag or that it might damage our reputation internationally.  Former Minister for Justice Alan Shatter was quick to chime in, claiming the move would do ”profound damage” to Ireland’s reputation abroad and that the ‘complexities’ of the issues were not fully understood by those pushing for the motion, he also cited legal reasons in his opposition to the move.

What does councillor Matthew Waine think about the Palestinian flag being flown from City Hall?

His colleagues in People Before Profit proposed the motion and voted in favour of it along with the broader Irish political left like Sinn Fein, so we can assume Mr. Waine would also have had no issue with it. Especially given his public support for the Palestinian cause and his promotion of solidarity marches pertaining to it in Ireland. There is a very sick and dangerous double standard here for anyone who hasn’t noticed it at this point. Palestine flag flying above City Hall? No problem! The Irish tricolour? Wow, wowww, wowwwwww… we don’t want to offend any foreign nationals (or marxists).

The only flag that should fly from public buildings in Ireland is the Irish tricolour, not Palestinian flags (supported by PBP/AAA/SF/FF/FG) or Israeli flags (FF/FG). Enough people have died for it.

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