Stand Your Ground Minister

At a recent FG party conference “Health” Minister Simon Harris, claimed: “Abortion is a reality for many, it just takes place with a pill from the internet, or a trip to another country.

As the Irish minister for health I have to accept the reality that Irish women are having dangerous abortions”.

First, what are the facts here? How many of these acts are taking place, how often and by whom? How many of these pills are imported, through what channels and from where? These are serious legal offences that should be investigated immediately. If you have information on this Dear Minister, you should really inform the authorities.

Do Your Job Minister

But secondly, as a Minister of the Republic you most certainly do not have to accept this. They shouldn’t be doing that, so no, there is no need to accept that people are breaking the law. As much as it shouldn’t be accepted that there be people aborting kids in dodgy situations or importing pills for DIY at home abortions, heroin addicts shouldn’t be buying drugs and scumbags shouldn’t be selling them on street corners… Oh wait, he’s trying to legalise that too…

… Nor should anyone be trafficking slaves or murdering anyone! That crazy enough of an idea?

The capacity to police, or lack of ability by the state to tackle crime levels, shouldn’t be any reason to disregard the responsibility to do exactly that.

Law of The Republic

What is a Republic after all but a society defined by a constitution and laws? And what use is a government of a Republic which, instead of enforcing those laws, attempts to redefine crimes into legal acts, and with it somehow transform immorality into morality, at the stroke of a pen?

Who is this man to disregard his duty to uphold this law on the presupposition that it may be changed in the future?

This is a total abdication of duty.

Why is this any different to some crooked or cowardly Colombian politician who tries to make cocaine legal because it’s too hard to fight the drug lords?

This minister is a coward, and to pretend, even to himself, that he is capable of leadership, is delusional. To pretend that he has anyone Health at the forefront of his mind is also laughable. The enablement of irresponsibility is not a virtuous act Mr Minister. It’s degenerative beyond measure.

Stand your ground and defend the Republic you were elected to serve you pathetic little man.

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One thought on “Stand Your Ground Minister

  • December 4, 2017 at 03:17

    Good article. Don’t forget to mention that in the forthcoming referendum that George Soros’ open society is funding the murder of our childern. Amnesty international have also being given funding by Soros to persuade us to murder of our own childern.


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