The Gender Gap Exists (Outside of Europe)

You may have unconsciously blocked this Marxist drivel from your reality in the last few weeks, but I want to address the “Gender Gap” ideology now that it has evolved to avoid scrutiny once again. What I mean by that is, you may have noticed it’s not called the “Gender Wage Gap” anymore, as that lie has been truly decimated here, here and here, it’s now just called the “Gender Gap”. Due to the fact that every time it gets examined at the level where it was supposed to exist it has been found to be a total phantom, “they”, the unconscious horde of zombies driving this toxic and divisive agenda forward, had to change it’s name.

By removing the “Wage” part of the equation that’s causing them problems, they can soften it’s definition and allow it to dodge the pretty solid case building against it. This is a classic Karl Marx tactic designed specifically to muddy the waters and make it more difficult to challenge them with data and facts. Moving the goal posts effectively because they are conceding too many goals. An example of this tactic being used before would be: “Acid Rain” became “Global Warming” became “Climate Change” etc.

Another would be: “Proletariat versus Burguosie” became “Oppressed versus Oppressor”.

Even when our wonderful state broadcaster RTE checked, after months of pushing the agenda that it existed at all, and found that their “pay gap” was less than 4% and that difference was down to experience levels with individuals… but then deleted the page…


Each time it’s boundaries expand, like cancer, to include more victims and “enraged peasants” in its ranks in order to fight unprovable claims against an undefinable and vague big bad wolf. Soon enough everyone is a victim and anyone and everyone is the criminal Kulak oppressing them or “society” or something else that needs saving from the Patriarchy. You get the picture.

Here is the latest report from the World Economic Forum that metastases this ideology a step further.

It proposes something beyond a simple pay gap as it has now expanded to encompass what it’s acolytes are truly after. Power and control over other people, society and the means of production, which today in a knowledge economy, includes your mind. And you know, they’ll never be happy with just equality and will move to dominate as soon as they smell blood.

The Gender Premier League

But let’s examine this well marketed “noble” ideal. What does it take to maintain #1 position in such a league? If such a thing is even attainable at all.

A slight deviation from a perfect 50:50 balance to 50.0000000001:49.999999999 ratio after a few years of chasing this mythical dragon would have you in position 65 or something not perfect. Perfect 50:50 parity therefore would require a totalitarian level of social engineering to maintain, and a total disregard for merit in the event of any natural ambition on either side. It is therefore unachievable and utopian to imagine this Global Premier League of Egalitarianism as a realistic measurement.

The actual aim of social engineers in that case, in order to not fall foul of the cultural marxists after one woman earns €1 less than one man inside an entire economy, or God forbid, a man earns €1 more, has to be a lopsided >50:<50 ratio in favour of women.

Ideological “Padding” to compensate for the natural changes and fluctuations in any modern complex and highly dynamic market environment has to be built in to maintain the illusion and avoid the metasocial shaming mechanism activating and, if we really go nuts with this, possible trade sanctions from the likes of Justin Trudeau’s liberal utopia across the Atlantic.

This is therefore effectively, if we project forward, a road to totalitarianism. It’s conclusion is the reversal and even demonisation of meritocracy and eventually a separation of the layers of society that hold it together and a destruction of the engine of innovation that drives it forward.

It is in those types of situations, where an oppressed class has been manufactured, that the seeds of genocides are planted and frequently bear fruit. These hellish scenarios can be instigated from either side, and we should be careful not to become snared in the marxist trap ourselves.

Genocide after all doesn’t require guns, knives or gas chambers. It only requires that one group dissappears due to the actions of another. That can be enforced, a voluntary capitulation, or a simple final whimper in the dark as our grandchildren or great grandchildren watch those who are opposed to this marxist bullshit, or on the wrong side of it’s accusations, die off.

That world will not be one of freedom, equality and progress however. But one of slavery, nihilism and decay.

So don’t fall into the trap of arguing against the details of this latest assault on reality, for the specifics are no more than the fruit from a diseased tree. Instead, attack it’s very roots, it’s premises and the polluted soil it takes hold in.

Attack the reasons why the arguement exists. Attack the “Global” element of the name and suggest that, while we adjust our evil ways, the sniper realigns it’s sights on the worst global offenders. It is “humanity” that is the ultimate victim of “The Patriarchy” after all right? The Women in India are paid far less than the Men for example and, as it’s common knowledge, women aren’t even allowed to work in much of the middle east.

From the report:

Notice how Saudi’s 15 employed women only earn slightly less than all the men in the country that are paid by the government to not riot or join ISIS. Why are so many not employed? Surely this is oppression by The Patriarchy?!!?? Also (unsurprisingly) the 26 of the 54 African Nations actually included in the report, (no, they didn’t include all of them) and the middle eastern states are the worst offenders by a stretch with European Nations the most equal.

Europe Rocks By Default

This result however was never by design, so let’s not congratulate ourselves on achieving anything through overt action. As the report states, the inequality has actually reversed slightly in the non western nations dragging the whole global index back a half percentage point or so. Instead, the balance found in Europe and America is a consequence of our historically equal societies.

Notice also where the bulk of human population sits in the chart below.

India, China and much of Africa, all to the left.

In conclusion, this report, essentially, attempts to tar all of humanity, specifically European civilisation as we’re the only ones that seem to care, with a brush dipped in a bucket located in sub Saharan Africa and rural India.

Rejecting Marxism is difficult because it’s so often disguised as something else, something noble and seemingly virtuous, but so often leads to some depraved level of slavery or degeneracy. The effort required to stay alert and notice it creeping in is high, as it’s often well funded, but it’s not impossible. It just requires that we hold it’s claims up to reality and expose it’s lies to as many free minded people as possible.

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