The Invasion of Spain

The International Organization for Migration (IOM), has released figures showing that a total of 3,261 illegal African immigrants landed in Spain between November 9th and 15th. As 832 had already crossed via that route the previous week it brings the total for November above 4,000.

After the closure of smuggling routes through Turkey into Greece and Libya into Italy, Algeria and Morocco to Spain has become the preferred route into Europe.

With a much shorter 10km distance between the northern coast of Morocco and the southern beaches of the Spanish coast line the free taxi services provided by Crypto Bolshevist charities are not needed quiet as much. This can only mean there will be a sharp increase in crossings to Europe.

With 17,687 Africans and Arabs having used this route to cross over to Spain by sea this year so far, a sudden surge of 4,000 in two weeks represents a significant increase in the flow of bodies.

Unacceptable Attack

The Spanish representative for the region of Murcia, Francisco Barnabe, referred to the invasion was a “coordinated and unacceptable attack on our borders.”

With winter fast approaching, making the Pyrenees near impossible to cross, the Spanish government will be hard pressed to deal with this sudden influx of hungry mouths at the same time as they are trying to prevent the country breaking up and possibly sliding into civil war.

But then again, maybe that’s the point.

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One thought on “The Invasion of Spain

  • November 27, 2017 at 18:37

    Bloody Hell. More hungry mouths to feed.


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