The Lie of A.I

There has been a lot of talk recently about artificial intelligence and how robots are soon going to take everyone’s job. We even had the Saudis try to convince us that they were about to lead us into the future with a new city populated by creepy robotic women, each complete with a catalogue of terrible jokes about taking over the world.

Add to this the news about artificial wombs, sex robots, universal basic income, virtual reality and of course the upcoming universalist globalist utopia where we are all one race and one creed, and you’ve got to ask yourself – why would anyone in such a world ever need anyone else for anything ever again?

But back to the robots, and a question around what that means for your average man or woman.

What kind of a message does it send to people, to essentially tell them that: “No matter what you do or how good you are at it, even taking into account all the years of study and experience you could possibly amass in a lifetime, a robot is in no time going to be infinitely better at it than you can ever hope to be”…?

What does that do in the mind of a hopefull student staring at the mountain of a four year degree? Or mid project when half of the team is slacking and they are pushing through anyway because “it’ll be worth it in the end!”

What is a degree even worth anymore if, by the time you’ve finished, a computer has amassed 400,000 years of human experience years? And can now provide what you intended to provide at a fraction of the cost…

And if meaning is to be found in work, in a profession where you can achieve mastery, or even just feel like you are contributing in some way to the greater good of your family, society, the nation or even the world. But that it’s then all to be rendered obsolete and valueless… Then what’s the point in doing anything at all?

Artificial Nihilism

And that my friends, is the beginning of the journey into Nihilism, depression and eventually, in the psychological sense, hell.

Nihilism isn’t the belief that nothing we do matters, it’s the belief that there is no meaning in the suffering of life, which we all experience in our own ways. We all struggle, which is a good for development, but only once we know it means something. That there is going to eventually be a payoff of some kind for us or our Thede.

But to suffer without meaning, that’s hell. And for that to be your life… At that stage we’d accept pretty much any solution to our situation. Which is quite possibly the strategy… IF it’s all true.

Artificial Ignorance

The leaders in the field, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and so on, can’t even seem to figure out how to stop showing us ads for stuff we’ve already purchased…

Think about that.

The very essence of how they operate, and most importantly how they generate cash, is still a disconnected pile of wires that tell them a fragmented story about a collective 20% of the online world. And that’s divided up between them into different sized chunks that they keep secret from one another.

But somehow, they have these perfect machines on the way that are going to operate so effectively that it’ll render all of our personal efforts null and void.

The Bigger Plan

So why do this? That’s easy to answer.

They NEED us to give up.

The universalist plan first attempted in France during the enlightenment, where all were declared equal, was the first attempt at the current globalist agenda.

It told a French Man that his new identity was now “Hu-Man”, and he was exactly the same as a Hu-Man from the depths of the Congo jungle, or to a Russian Man or a Chinese Man, is the very foundation of today’s Multiculturalism and Globalism. It was a seed from which the toxic plant of Marxism took root and as a reaction, Nationalism emerged and the universalist movement ground to a halt in the trenches of World War 1.

Some Nations then were just too stubborn it seems… So we had another war and they managed to take it a step further.

They don’t want nationalism to ruin their plans again, so they need to cripple us before things get to that stage.

They need us to submit, either to the State through poverty due to the loss of your profession, through slavery under a Universal Basic Income, to Islam, which literally means Submission, or to the State for protection from that very threat which Islam is bringing into our great continent.

They need you to be so destitute you will accept any offer of salvation from the hell they are about to inflict on you.

The false threat of AI is a longer term strategy to castrate ambition early. It is a seed of uncertainty to destroy hope. It is a lie.


It would be impossible to suggest that nobody buys anything they offer. That nobody uses their services. That we boycott the universalist merchants of nihilism and slavery.

It would be too late by then anyway. These international financiers are deeply entrenched in every aspect of our lives. If you don’t believe me then take a note from your wallet and ask yourself: “Who truly owns this?” It’s no more than a receipt. If you have no notes in your wallet at all, then the answer is much simpler. You have digital access to it, until they say you don’t.

So instead, we need to speak about these things openly, and ask these snake oil salesmen the questions that will reveal the flaws in their plan. We need to unseat them from their position of authority on predictions about the future and expose them for what they are.

The strategy should not be to attack them, that’s irrelevant because the individuals don’t matter in the long run, but to demonstrate to those who would have been caught in their trap, that the stories they tell you about the future are lies, and to persevere with your hopes and dreams towards your target.

Their ambitions must not be crushed in the gears of a phantom machine from the future. The spark of life in a man’s soul which looks forward to accomplishment of a goal, must not be extinguished by the creeping shadow of Leftist Nihilism.

Make no mistake, these parasites are in this for the long haul. Their mentality and strategy has been around a very long time. They are well practiced. They are well positioned to strike. They’ll trigger another war to slaughter millions of us again if that’s what it takes to force this through. But they rely on secrecy and the obfuscation of their moves through the places we don’t look, and that is their weakness.

Reveal their movements everywhere you see it. Call them out to explain their lies and watch them run like whipped dogs.

Offline is Reality

Form a group that will support one another if they begin to come after the outspoken ones and cripple individuals financially. Offline, where it really matters. These groups used to be called tribes, or communities, or a parish. Form a tribe.

And if you’re so inclined, get into the political system and be ready for when the call comes. Your local county council is a good place to start. A counsellors wage is decent and, judging by the rabble in there now, it shouldn’t require too much effort to unseat them. From there, if we’re all in this together, we’ll have options.

We’re not yet slaves! And if we act, nor shall we be!

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