The Multicultural Lie

Multicultural as a word, is a lie. If we took a group of 5 people, all of different races, it wouldn’t be multicultural because culture doesn’t exist at an individual level. It only exists at the group level.

That and Europe is already multicultural. The culture of the Scottish is very different to that of the Greeks. The culture of Germany completely different to that of the Italians. And the culture of the Irish almost incomparable to that of the Russians.

So perhaps “OtherCulturalism” would be a better word, or as we all know well at this stage, just notOURCulturalism.

But even more specifically, when the word Multi-Cultural is used what they really mean is Multi-Racial.

They are either too afraid to say this however, because they know what feelings it will trigger, or else they don’t actually know what they are a part of. They are unaware of the agenda they are pushing.

The PR War

MultiRacialism doesn’t really have the same ring to it as a marketing slogan though does it. It sounds bad, and it is bad. It’s like a curse. It’s like shrouded hate speech against yourself. Against your family.

It’s like how when little kids use the n-word or say fuck, they don’t really know what they are saying because it wasn’t yet explained that it was bad and it means something very specific. We are the kids here now though, and we’ve just learned the truth behind a word.


So let’s question the word when it is used, call out its true meaning. Ask why it is used instead of MultiRacial, when that is a more accurate word. A truthful word.

MultiCulturalism would only ever be a consequence, if it could ever actually be achieved. MultiRacialism on the other hand, is the path to get there.

MultiRacialism is the cold hard reality we’d need to work within in order for them to bring about their utopia. It’ll fail, like all marxist lies, because the true destination of that lie isn’t peace, or love, or equality. It’s slavery.

So let’s stop using it ourselves. It’s a lie.

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