Tyrellstown Ganster Rap

The glorification of criminal activity is somewhat unique to rap music, and something we are used to seeing from the far away, almost fictional looking mean streets of US Cities. It’s quite a surprising and alien feeling therefore to see it emerge from the leafy suburbs of North County Dublin.

Our very own Tyrellstown rap scene is emerging from within the imported community of Africans currently running rampage in the area as they seek to assert their dominance over the village.

Once considered by many to be so quiet it was only ever “on the way” to either Swords or Blanchardstown, depending on which way you were going, it’s now the home of┬áthis crap…

That’s right, we’ve now got “gangster rap” as part of our multicultural liberal society. Soon we’ll have streets full of amazing restaurants, then perhaps the acid att-… oh wait, we’ve got those now. Perhaps then in that case we’re due a few gang rapes, or a bombing at a Christmas market? Or perhaps one of our new perfectly equal human imports from the middle east could really enrich our culture by driving a truck of peace straight down Grafton Street? We don’t have any Allahu Akbarriers in place anywhere like they do in many western European cities, so we make an easy target.

Hopefully there is a silver lining to this and the Irish Feminist movement will swoop in and condemn this blatant exploitation of an innocent girl by a dominant patriarchal male!!

Eradicating Irishness

The question has to be asked though, what is our government dragging us into? This all began in the mid to late 90’s with the mass importation of Nigerians and other Africans to Dublin where Parnell Street quickly earned the name of “Little Africa”. The same patterns seen in the United States and London seem to be repeating here now with the prize of social welfare shifting responsibility for fatherhood onto the state, and an entire generation of fatherless youths now roaming Irish neighbourhoods committing crimes.

This isn’t us. This isn’t what Ireland is supposed to be. We’re not a nation of Gangster Rappers, and we should really examine what membership of the EU really means if this is the manifestation of it in reality.

These buds will flower into something monstrous given enough time. Just as they have everywhere else. Paris, London, Berlin and so on are no longer French, English or German cities. Dublin could be next as the government shifts Irish families to the periphery of it’s concerns and leaves them to freeze on the streets while they trip over themselves to give free houses to African and middle eastern imports.

But that’s racism isn’t it? We should welcome this kind of thing in, join the Universalist multi-cult. So maybe instead of teaching your kids to count or play hide and seek, you should show them how to defend themselves against knife attacks or hold a gun sideways like a real New Irish Human would.

It’s what all the cool kids are doing don’tchaknow!!

Don’t Be A Racist

Make sure when the next elections come around you vote the same way’s you’ve always voted. Do NOT under any circumstances consider changing the patterns and vote for anyone remotely on to the right of Marxist.

This is the future. To deny it, and prevent your kids from joining the Globalist Empire of Nothingness, is Racism!!!

So embrace it and start today. Little Sean is never too young to learn how to be cool and hold a gun.

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